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Adrienne Thompson Reigns As Queen With Your Love Is King

Can one night change your life?  Author Adrienne Thompson’s novel Your Love Is King has the answer to that question. She allows her main characters Chris King and Marlena Meadows to share their discovery of the answer which is right for them.  It was not a straight path. Nor was it an easy one for … Continue reading

The Wedding Beat: A 4/5 star romanctic comedy

Your incandescent smile short-circuited my brain. I can’t stop thinking about you, and I will be eternally grateful if you agree to have dinner with me.                                                                 – Gavin pg. 44 of my Nook  Review: 4 Stars The Wedding Beat is the kind of read where I found myself laughing out loud every minute or … Continue reading

Emily Guido: Writing 100,000 words in a week

Emily Guido is the successful self-published author of Charmeine, a paranormal romance about two individuals whose love defies the laws of good and evil. The novel was released Jan. 2012 and tells the story of Tabbruis, a blood-hunter who refuses to accept love cannot overcome fate when he falls for the Queen of all Light-Bearers, … Continue reading

Devan Sipher’s The Wedding Beat beats all romance novel cliches

Finally a male other than Nicolas Sparks claiming some market share in the romance genre. Devan Sipher, A New York Times wedding columnist, released his novel The Wedding Beat yesterday. Straying from the lonely damsels or wanton-women reads one can find on their drugstores’ local shelves, Sipher tells the story of a successful bachelor’s desire … Continue reading



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