Rebecca Hamilton: From self-published to represented

Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl, will be featured on my blog this Saturday, Apr. 28.

Having recently garnered attention from an agent in Italy, she will share a glimpse into what she did to make her dreams come true.

The Forever Girl has shown great success, selling 2600 copies as of February and March, as said on her publisher’s website, Immortal Ink Publishing.

The story tells of how a young girl’s life changes when she messes up a spell. What was once a simple life waiting tables now becomes filled with vampires, witches, black magic, and a particular century-old shape-shifter.

The book has received a big following on the internet, convincing me to rush out and spend my 2.99 for a copy.

If I read it, a review will soon follow.

In the meantime, check out Hamilton’s interview this Saturday.

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