RWA Golden Heart Finalist Valerie Bowman: No one said it would be easy

Valerie Bowman, a 2011 Romance Writers of America Golden Heart Finalist, will reveal her path to publishing her debut novel Secrets Of A Wedding Night this Saturday, June 30.

The New York Times Bestselling Author Lisa Kleypas described the novel as being “the most charming and clever debut I’ve read in years.”

Sadly, Secrets Of A Wedding Night is not to be released until Sept. 25, which probably means it is in the early stages of promotion.  Looking on the positive side, for all you reviewers out there you can hit up NetGalley to see if you can score a review copy from St. Martin’s Press.

For everyone else, we get to ease the anticipation by asking ourselves how did Miss. Bowman reach such success?

Well for one she did not rush the process.

Starting the draft of her debut novel July 2010, during the creative process of creating the draft, she spent ample amount of time conducting the necessary research to create a believable world.

Miss. Bowman will describe more about her writing process, but I am warning you, it is structured. Having plot, characterization, and GMC is a must before she ever places pen to paper or finger to keyboard.

Just to give you a quick lesson, GMC stands for goals, motivation, and conflict. It requires the author to answer some questions for each of the main characters such as: what do they want, what is keeping them from getting it, and why? By the end of the analysis process, one has a chart.

Such research can take several days, but as Miss. Bowman will disclose in her Saturday Interview, no one said it would be easy. Come back to see what keeps her motivated to achieve success in the publishing industry this Saturday.

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