Dinner with Muhammad – 3 out of 5

Dinner with Muhammad

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Marilyn Hickey has traveled extensively throughout the Muslim world for over thirty years. She details how God has allowed her to uniquely conduct public ministry in these countries with amazing results; how she has made friends with Islamic leaders and benefited from their assistance, and how the people of the streets in the Islamic world have responded to preaching and prayer. Islamic leaders who share the author’s desire to bridge the cultural divide speak in their own voice as they share perspectives and opinions.

Review Dinner With Muhammad – 3 out of 5

Reading Dinner With Muhammad was a lot like reading someone’s personal diary. Was it thoroughly engaging? At times.  Miss. Hickey’s personal experiences with Islamic nations are what kept me reading when parts fell. By the end of the book, you feel inspired to go across the street to invite your Muslim neighbors to dinner, apologizing for never having done so before. Having built strong friendships with people of Islamic culture way before reading the book, what Miss. Hickey spoke about, I already knew. Sometimes I felt like her descriptions of Muslim people could not really pertain to Muslim Americans. For example, while in college, I found most Muslim Americans were not impoverished, illiterate, starving or that out of touch with Western culture. After forming a friendship with them, I found religion rarely, if ever, entered the conversation. First or second generation Americans did not want to talk about being a Muslim, they wanted to party and be regular college students.  Even the ones wearing a Hijab. They gave me enough information to ensure I never gave them alcohol or fed them pork on accident. One is left wondering, how do you relate to them? Miss. Hickey also did not talk much about the middle and upper classes in Muslim nations. After reading this book you would almost think they virtually did not exist. However, I feel Miss. Hickey’s overall aim is to motivate Christians to serve Muslim nations’ underprivileged, not go over there and network with the upper classes. Just like reading any other diary, I encountered grammatical mistakes and shifty transitions between past and present tense. When the author used dialogue to enhance past experiences, I read it thinking, “Did they really say it like that?” But hey! You don’t waltz a diary to a professional editor. Besides, because I believe in what Miss. Hickey is doing, I looked past the not-so perfect writing. Miss. Hickey is very good at sharing her passion with others. She has been traveling to Muslim countries to host healing meetings based on Christian principles for 20 years. Her work has changed over thousands of peoples’ lives, and created places where Christians and Muslims can worship together. Miss. Hickey’s Christian nonfiction, Dinner With Muhammad, is unique. It inspires us to see every person as a friend and not an enemy. I recommend this book for those Christians passionate about unity.

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