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Superheroes Rewards Campaign

The Reviews!

“I definitely read the last 50% in two days so that lets you know how engaging the story can get. Then again, I’m a bit obsessive.”

Kashif Ross author of Barcode: Legend of Apollo and Cavern of Youth

 “Awesome fun twists on Angels!”

Kenya Wright author of Fire Baptized and Burning Bush

“This was a very creative and well written story. The story itself deals with regular college life: roommates, classes, and social stuff; then there’s the fantasy side, dealing with a war, saving mankind, and uncertain what to do when dreams actually become reality. The story along with the characters was very entertaining. We read from different POVs, including Blissany’s, so we see this story from all sorts of sides. This was a good novel that had suspense, jealousy, romance, and destiny. It is definitely one that should not be missed, and I encourage you read it! :)”

For The Love of Film and Novels

“This was a very exciting and action-filled story. The action pretty much starts a couple of pages in and doesn’t let up.”

Head Stuck In A Book

“This book is one of the most unique reads I’ve read in a long time.”

Janiera Eldridge author of Soul Sisters


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  3. Sit back and enjoy.

$1 dollar from each sale supports the Superheroes Rewards Campaign, funding arts and literacy initiatives for kids.

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