Black History Month: Shirley Chisholm’s fight to be first


Leaving her mark no matter what.

The year 1969 would see the first black woman elected to Congress in the House of Representatives. This I learned from Dayo Olopade’s History of Black Women In Politics Part I, an article analyzing the dynamics of women rising to political power.

It might surprise you to learn Hilary Clinton is not the first woman to seek the presidential nomination for the Democratic Party. According to Shirley Chisholm’s 1972 Presidential Campaign by Jo Freeman, it is actually Chisholm who became the first woman and African-American to do so.

Making such strides did not come easy. She survived three assassination attempts on her life, Don Swaby wrote. It left Chisholm more determined than ever to leave the White House making a statement her peers could learn from. During her term, Chisholm made sure all those she hired for office were women, half of them black.

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