Black History Month Ends . . . not yet: X-Men leader Storm is one of over 60 Black women superheroes


Storm is one of less than a hundred Black women superheroes that exist in the world. Still I was proud to learn there are way more than I thought, as is shown in this video created by Beccathepromomami.

A member of the esteemed X-Men, Storm is a weather mastermind.  Her fearlessness and drive led her straight into a leadership role after Cyclops left the X-Men to mourn the death of Jean.

Her road to leadership was not an easy one. Born to a princess of a Kenyan tribe and an American photojournalist, her parents died when a plane crashed into her home. She struggled on her own until Professor Xavier came to her aid. Once he did, she never once failed to make him proud.

I bet you didn’t know Storm’s white hair and blue eyes have little to do with fashion sense and more to do with genetics. She is a descendent from an ancient line of African priestesses who all have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Storm’s real name is Ororo and more can be learned about her here.

We need more black women superheroes.

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon

Blissany Cherry might be fighting an intergalactic war to save mankind in the small town of Gainesville, but lucky for her the creator Nivide believes in affirmative action. The crazy cast of characters fighting alongside her come from several different cultures. They have different belief systems, different goals, and different ways of conquering evil. Blissany wants to run and hide, her side kick, Don Shimada, wants to kick as much butt as possible. I wrote a multicultural novel because life is multicultural. Literature should reflect this.

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