A Solution to Writer’s Block: Russia Invade Crimea?

Let’s talk about the Russia and Ukraine ordeal.

For those who don’t know, the US is a little upset with Russia sending armed forces into Crimea. In retaliation many officials are trying to persuade those in power to increase US exports of natural gas, accelerating plans across Europe to buy more energy from countries other than Russia, according to Ian Talley and Amy Harder at The Wall Street Journal.  Even if one doesn’t know the minute-by-minute play of how this all unfolded, writers know conflict like this is a goldmine.

Just imagine the CEO of a natural gas company, overlooking the whole situation and wanting to do everything he can to make sure this kind of strategic plan to cut Russia out goes through.

Though many see this as ineffective, others are saying it might send out a strong message to Russia because much of its revenue comes from energy exports, according to Talley and Harder.  So that automatically develops an antagonist, the person who wants to make sure Russia comes out the winner.

I am thinking assassins, espionage—it’s fiction. With some good research and a strong outline, heck vampires could be thrown into the mix.

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