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Rick Chesler talks turning life passions into published books

Author Rick Chesler
Author Rick Chesler

Rick Chesler has been one of the lucky novelists who seems to have done it all when it comes to publishing. Having built a successful following as both a self-published author and a traditionally published author, he has accomplished what many writers are hoping to do.

What’s his secret?

Life passions. In his interview, Turning Life Passions Into Published Books, Chesler took what he loved and made it profitable in the publishing industry. Having studied Marine Biology and always possessing a love for the ocean, he uses his background in his science-based thrillers.

Not only this, Chesler tells writers how to maintain work-life balance as a writer and gives us great insights on how to be successful as both a traditionally published and self-published author. Read his interview, Turning Life Passions into Published Books.

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