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Thunder from down under male strippers stop a robbery


Thunder from Down Under

Anybody considering writing a comedy will find the story of a thief robbing Las Vegas male strippers pure gold.

The first thought in my head is, who in the world would choose to rob male strippers? Then I’m thinking many are in tough economic situations, and thieves have to be creative with bank robbing being so cliché and all.

Who knows, maybe the thief was desperate with nowhere to turn.

Whatever the reason, writers can easily come up with a backstory and flesh out the novel. However writers choose to end their stories, the real story ends with the suspect suffering from a black eye and being booked as ‘John Doe’ in the Clark County jail, according to the Daily Mail Reporter of Male Strippers Tackle Gunman to the Ground After Finding Him Rifling Through Their Costumes Backstage.

Bruce Kasanoff: self-promotion for the Indie author made easy

Bruce Kasanoff

Bruce Kasanoff, author of How To Self-Promote Without Being A Jerk, did an awesome interview on self-promotion for We Eat Books.

Let’s face it authors, self-promotion is what will keep us alive in this Hunger Games-like publishing industry.

Having a strong business background, Kasanoff knows how to build relationships and grow businesses. In this interview, he held nothing back and shared the key to his success.

One of my favorite quotes of his gave some insight on how authors can market better on Twitter, a must use for most authors. He said, “I’ve learned they are highly invested in their work and often have trouble reducing it to something of interest to others that fits in a tweet.”

Can I raise a hand and say, that’s me?

If you want to learn how to market yourself well and build relationships in this technologically-advanced, quickly changing world, then check out Bruce Kasanoff’s interview, and buy his book.

How to Self-Promote Without Being A Jerk
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Malaysian Airline Flight 370 disappears and writers go crazy

Whose imagination is not going crazy after hearing about the disappearance of Malaysian airline Flight 370?

Malaysian officials have to be. ABC states Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery deepens; officials don’t know which way it was flying. As the story headline reads, officials are not only clueless, but have no idea where to start the search. This has to be the start of the next Zombie Apocalypse. Those who have not been watching The Walking Dead need to get caught up, so they will be prepared for the end of the world.

In the meantime,  story ideas are flooding my mind. I am seeing a crazy end time novel. Who else is with me on this? What kinds of ideas are coming to your mind?

A Solution to Writer’s Block: Russia Invade Crimea?

Let’s talk about the Russia and Ukraine ordeal.

For those who don’t know, the US is a little upset with Russia sending armed forces into Crimea. In retaliation many officials are trying to persuade those in power to increase US exports of natural gas, accelerating plans across Europe to buy more energy from countries other than Russia, according to Ian Talley and Amy Harder at The Wall Street Journal.  Even if one doesn’t know the minute-by-minute play of how this all unfolded, writers know conflict like this is a goldmine.

Just imagine the CEO of a natural gas company, overlooking the whole situation and wanting to do everything he can to make sure this kind of strategic plan to cut Russia out goes through.

Though many see this as ineffective, others are saying it might send out a strong message to Russia because much of its revenue comes from energy exports, according to Talley and Harder.  So that automatically develops an antagonist, the person who wants to make sure Russia comes out the winner.

I am thinking assassins, espionage—it’s fiction. With some good research and a strong outline, heck vampires could be thrown into the mix.

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Creating a database to combat writer’s block

Writer’s block kills

So I have this awesome idea for curing writers block, but first, can I be super honest? I don’t really suffer from writer’s block, but hey, I’m not normal. Yet with that aside, what helps me most is the way I formulate an idea.

Sometimes I focus on an abstract concept such as lost love. And I’ll ask myself, how can I show this beautiful idea? From that question grows a story. Other times, I hone in on one specific aspect of writing, either character or setting. Then I create conflict. Always starting small and growing from there, I immediately know what I want to say. Everything else just falls into place. If a certain story element takes away from the central message of what I want to communicate, I throw the element out. That is an important skill, believe me. Hardly anyone’s trying to print 400 page books for new authors. Even for self-published authors, it’s hard to keep readers interested over a large book.

Let your imagination roam!
Imagination brings out the best.

Okay, great advice and cute quote from Eistein, but sometimes character, setting, ideas won’t come. Then what? Well, it’s always okay to just steal from the news.

Take advantage of free content.
Take advantage of free content.

And that is why over this year I am going to be grabbing interesting material from talk shows, headlines, television, whatever and creating a little database of inspiration.

So connect with me, laugh with me, comment. Together we will create great stories.

Adrienne Thompson Reigns As Queen With Your Love Is King

AThompsonBookCoverCan one night change your life?  Author Adrienne Thompson’s novel Your Love Is King has the answer to that question. She allows her main characters Chris King and Marlena Meadows to share their discovery of the answer which is right for them.  It was not a straight path. Nor was it an easy one for this interracial couple.

It was a path common to Thompson’s take on relationships.  Thompson creates characters and scenarios that readers will relate to and cherish.  More importantly, Thompson inspires readers to cheer for character’s break through and lament for their shortcomings. Like us, Chris and Marlena have their challenges. It’s no surprise when they met up in circumstances designed for escape.

Thompson takes a routine relationship for an uphill climb of tumultuous points then drops readers into a pit of insecurities that could sideline the best of us.  Your Love Is King is not the typical romance novel.  Thompson’s ability to craft twists and sub plots makes readers take sides.  Is Chris’ right or is Marlena right?  It really doesn’t matter.  What is important is that two imperfect people find each other, grow, and realize that chance and effort are the only difference that counts.  Take a chance.  Read Your Love Is King.  It could make a difference in your life.

The Author

Adrienne Thompson, divorced mom and retired licensed registered nurse resides in Arkansas with her family. Thompson’s body of work includes eleven published novels.


5 Tips For Single Ladies on Valentine’s Day

livingrmwideAnyone can tell that author Nathan Brooken enjoys women. Just pick of one of his books.  For My Beautiful Black Sisters is February favorite month. Nothing is more exciting than a collection of poems dedicated to the love of women.

Valentine’s Day is a day dedicated to saying, I love . . . And who says that special “I love” has to be reserved for Mr. or Mrs. Right? Why can it not be said to a BFF or mom or yourself even? So for those dreading their Valentine’s Day why not have a Single Awareness Day?  Here are some ways to transform this day of couples only into a day of Love Thyself or Love Thy Friend or Love Thy neighbor.

  1. Love Thy Friends and Family – Spend your energy baking cute treats or getting gifts to show the great people in your life you really appreciate them. Giving always makes you feel better.
  2. Love Thy Neighbor – Reach out to other singles and invite them over for a celebration or a night out, even if you do not know them that well. That stranger in your office probably doesn’t want to spend the night alone any more than you do.
  3. Love Thyself – Pamper, pamper, pamper. Why not buy yourself a poem book such as My Beautiful Black Sisters to evoke good feelings? Purchase some roses while treating yourself to chocolates as you get your nails done. Show yourself some much-needed love, so when Mr. or Mrs. Right comes along, you can let the love inside you just bubble over.
  4. Anti-Valentine’s Day Cruises planned on Meet-up may inspire as well.

Totally not into spending Valentine’s Day alone, but not sure what to do? Take advantage of the online dating scene with these 5 easy tips for online dating:

  1. Make yourself stand out and be specific.
  2. Women can write to men.
  3. Keep your e-mail short and end with a question.
  4. Upload 4-7 pictures that show the real you.
  5. Move it off-line. Love @ First Click.

Watch this short from First Coast News video to learn more.

About Nathan B. Brooken

Nathan B. BrookenNathan B. Brooken is the author of My Beautiful Black Sisters, a collection of poems in memory of his mother, whom he lost at a young age. He has also written several fan fiction scripts. His work has been incorporated into two American Literature and Composition courses syllabi at local Jacksonville colleges and universities. Brooken’s appreciation for women breaks barriers. His poems have become the subject of debate. Brooken began writing while attending the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Florida. He continues to write about the women who assisted in his upbringing when he is working on assignment in the Duval County School System.

Black History Month Ends . . . not yet: X-Men leader Storm is one of over 60 Black women superheroes


Storm is one of less than a hundred Black women superheroes that exist in the world. Still I was proud to learn there are way more than I thought, as is shown in this video created by Beccathepromomami.

A member of the esteemed X-Men, Storm is a weather mastermind.  Her fearlessness and drive led her straight into a leadership role after Cyclops left the X-Men to mourn the death of Jean.

Her road to leadership was not an easy one. Born to a princess of a Kenyan tribe and an American photojournalist, her parents died when a plane crashed into her home. She struggled on her own until Professor Xavier came to her aid. Once he did, she never once failed to make him proud.

I bet you didn’t know Storm’s white hair and blue eyes have little to do with fashion sense and more to do with genetics. She is a descendent from an ancient line of African priestesses who all have blonde hair and blue eyes.  Storm’s real name is Ororo and more can be learned about her here.

We need more black women superheroes.

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon

Blissany Cherry might be fighting an intergalactic war to save mankind in the small town of Gainesville, but lucky for her the creator Nivide believes in affirmative action. The crazy cast of characters fighting alongside her come from several different cultures. They have different belief systems, different goals, and different ways of conquering evil. Blissany wants to run and hide, her side kick, Don Shimada, wants to kick as much butt as possible. I wrote a multicultural novel because life is multicultural. Literature should reflect this.

Take an adventure! Read an excerpt on Amazon and get the E-book for only 2.99.

God’s Valentine to you: God’s wisdom will prosper you

God's valentine

Acts 2:17-18: “And in the last days it shall be, God declares that I will pour out my spirit on all flesh, and your sons and daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams; even on my male servants and female servants in those days I will pour out my spirit and they shall prophesy.”

I love Joyce Meyer because she is not your typical preacher. She reminds everyone every day that God opened the doors for her to become successful. She says in her message series, I Want, I Think, I Feel, if she had tried to do it on her own, she would have messed it up.

Meyer reminds me whatever I am believing God for, as long as I trust in Him He’ll make it come to pass.

Some people think asking God for a prosperous and blessed life is selfishness. I argue it’s asking God for more responsibilities. Jesse Dupantis calls it growth.

God wants you to have the desires of your heart. He gave them to you for the sole reason of glorifying Him.

Examine what God says to David in 2 Samuel 12:7-8: “I anointed you king over Israel and I delivered you from the hand of Saul. I gave you your master’s house to you  . . . and if all of this had been too little I would have given you more.”

Reading this, one has to wonder if God was willing to give David more before David had stepped out of faith after already having done so much, what will He do in my life if I stay in the faith?

Now I don’t come to these conclusions spending my days watching Ben and Kate. I fill myself with wisdom by studying the bible, praying, and fasting. The more time spent in the Word, the more God tells me what He is going to do for me.  Then He tells me how I am going to glorify His kingdom.  All I have to do is sit back and praise Him.  

I fill myself up with Wisdom so I can prophesize on my life, friends, and family.  God said in Acts 2:17-18, we will have visions and dreams. He shall pour out His spirit upon us, and we will speak what He has given us, so that by our words and our faith He will bring the desires of our heart to pass.

God wants us wealthy, filled with joy, and prosperous all at the same time. If you don’t believe it, try blessing someone with an empty bank account while you’re sick and unhappy. I’ve seen people do it. I’ve done it. You have to bless people where you at for God to move in your midst, but just think what could happen if you were whole and your cup overflowed?

Your testimony will move somebody. Somebody is going to read this right now and think, all I have to do is hold on, God is going to bless me.

That’s why I wrote this. God made a difference in my life. He is going to make a difference in somebody else’s. I might have wrote this for one person, I don’t know. I’m just glad to do the work of God.

You get glad and get ready.

Black History Month: Kathleen Cleaver defends the right to self-defend

Kathleen Cleaver

Walking the walk, and talking the talk.

Can we please talk about the monumental and political Kathleen Cleaver? Known for her political involvement with the Black Panther Party,  she became first woman to hold a decision-making position whn she was elected the communications secretary. This put her in power to organize efforts to  free the BPP’s co-founder, Huey Newton. Newton did a lot of things for the black community, but one thing that stuck with me was he made it possible for students today to take Black History courses, playing a significant role in getting the first African-American History course added to academic catalogues.

For those who know little about the BPP, Curtis Stephen wrote in Life of a Party, the BPP is “an African-American left-wing organization working for the right of self-defense for African-Americans in the United States. The Party achieved national and international impact and renown through their deep involvement in the Black Power movement and in politics of the 1960s and 1970s.”

Interviewed on PBS’ Frontline, Cleaver said what drew her to the party was, “the Black Panther Movement challenged all preconceived notions of blacks not being able to determine their own destiny.”

 Blissany Cherry must learn to accept her destiny.

Buy on Amazon
Buy on Amazon


Destiny is one of the underlying themes in the novel Superheroes Wear Faded Denim. Achieving dreams is never easy. Often times one has to step out on faith. That so means ignoring what one thinks they know, and going for it. Blissany Cherry thinks she is too awkwardly social to be anyone special. Unbeknownst to her the creator has destined her to end the massive war of good and evil. Now she must find the will to accept her role before everything she knows is destroyed.

Take an adventure! Read an excerpt on Amazon and get the E-book for only 2.99.