Book Review Policy

Thank you so much for allowing me to write your book review. As an artist, I understand the grueling process one undertakes to churn out a masterpiece. That said, I also understand criticism. I’ve learned not to cry when I receive bad criticism from book reviewers . . . okay that is a lie. But negative criticism is a necessary evil. Like stilettos.

I try my best to complete an entire book, even when it turns out to be quite dull. But if it’s an eye sore, I’m sorry. I must decline posting a review. Please understand, no one can truly judge a piece of art without taking in the whole.

As a creator, I’ve learned the hard lesson that art isn’t a 9-to-5 on Wall Street. I don’t expect writing to be either.  People think they’re qualified to be a critic, when a lot of times they’re not. So if I give you a 3 and you think you’re  the next Mona Lisa, what do I really know? It’s my opinion. Shrug it off, eat some gummy bears, and get back to creating. Cause when the day is done, all that matters is the word got out there and a sale was made.

All review requests will be answered within 72 hours.

Put in the body of the e-mail to

  • Title
  • Genre
  • Synopsis
  • First chapter
  • Any specific dates

Where I submit reviews:

  • Goodreads
  • Amazon
  • B&N
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

What I want to review:

Romance and all it’s sub genres from both traditionally published and self-published authors.

  • Urban fantasy
  • YA
  • Chick-lit
  • Historical
  • Paranormal
  • Fantasy
  • Christian/spiritual
Though I will not blog about anything outside of this list, I will do author features on just about any author. I will also post your press releases.  

Fiction book review rating system:

5 paint brushes – Eat your heart out, Picasso!

4 paint brushes – You’re a modern day Rembrandt Van Rijn!

3 paint brushes – You’re on your way to defining a generation!

2 paint brushes – It’s almost there, you just need more time!

1 paint brushes – Why? Major art meltdown!

E-mail me at




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