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Writers what’s the story? Solange and Jay Z fight in the elevator

What’s the story? Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange are at the Met Gala looking ever so lovely. The next thing one knows is Solange is swinging at Jay Z in the elevator, according to the NY Daily News and TMZ.

What happened to turn this . . .

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

"Charles James: Beyond Fashion" Costume Institute Gala - Arrivals

Into this . . .

Get the pencil’s moving. If you are still stumped, then check out the story of Solange fighting Jay Z tooth and nail on TMZ


Banks target porn stars, and we have a bestseller


The banks want justice in America, like everyone else, and they are taking it out on porn stars.

Chase has shut down several porn stars’ accounts, and the Department of Justice has been accused of being behind it, according to The Daily Beast article The Banks’ ‘War’ on Porn.

With stories talking about Blacks, Asians, and gays being discriminated against, why not one about porn stars?

Anyone interested in writing an erotica could add another dimension to the story by addressing the impacts of morality and discrimination.

Such a relatable story is a bestseller right there.

A co-worker of mine who came back from Amsterdam thought it would be fun to post Facebook photos of prostitutes she had taken without the prostitutes permission. When one of her Facebook friends reported her, she was a little miffed.

My co-worker thought it was harmless, it was joked about by my other co-workers, and soon forgotten, but it got me thinking, are porn stars seen as human?

Many of the porn stars are innocent, using the bank accounts only for personal reasons instead of porn-related business. Like Teagan Presley who used her account to pay for things like “rent, food, clothes, gymnastics” for her kids, wrote the Daily Beast. Others are like David Lord “who was arrested in 2008 in connection with an attempt at “tricking Hungarian women to come to the United States and work as prostitutes . . .” according to a report by the Los Angeles Times,” wrote The Daily Beast.

But what if your character is a Teagan Presley just trying to live as porn star and stumbles upon love? After readers get over the ridiculousness of such a concept, maybe then they are surprised by the impact the story had on them.


How Matt Taibbi, Donald Sterling, wealth gap equal juice for a novel


Matt Taibbi, a journalist who left the Rolling Stone to begin work at First Look Media, authored the book The Divide: American Injustice in the Age of the Wealth Gap.

Described by The New York Times Book Review as “impossible to put down,” the book “takes readers on a galvanizing journey through both sides of our new system of justice –the fun-house-mirror worlds of the untouchably wealthy and the criminalized poor,“ as the back of the book reads.

Yet who in America does not notice life is different for the rich and the poor? There may be a story just about that, but is the publishing industry tired of the ruthless elite taking advantage of the weak to increase ROI?

Not yet. Readers have a fascination with fraud, especially with the people behind the schemes.

Just imagine a character like the LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling, who was just recently caught on tape making a racist rant while his girlfriend interrogated his views.

He is not only the type of guy who hires minorities in low-level jobs, taking his girlfriends to the manufacturing facilities to show off how hardworking his low-paid workers are, but he is willing to manipulate what he can at the expense of the working class to walk away with a big payout.

Maybe you don’t want him to be racist. Maybe you want him to be the lawyer who comes at these problems like there is no such thing as justice being different for the rich and the poor. The lawyer might just believe the reason for the perceived injustice is really the standard of proof. With the standard of proof being fairly high, it is harder to show intent and causation for high-level crimes  while for low-level crimes prosecutors can show those elements with greater ease. In the end, the lawyer either learns differently or never does.

Or maybe you much rather write a Matt Taibbi who uncovers an injustice. Whoever you make the protagonist, you have enough juice for a great novel.

Check out OnPoint NPR’s article Matt Taibbi On Unequal Justice In The Age Of Inequality


Why Coachella should be the setting for your next erotica

Coachella calls for a raunchier article than usual. Readers beware.

Want to write the next steamy Fifty Shades of Grey, but don’t want to be a copy cat?

Who said true love can’t be slutty and raw, experienced on the muddy ground of some flimsy tint while rock hard music destroys the atmosphere? Maybe the thought of getting sweaty with an uptight CEO bores and yet imagining the body of a rap god gets the blood raging.

If so, then Coachella, the music and arts festival, may be the backdrop of your next breakout erotica. Or your next fiction short story.

Twenty-somethings fast on the Coachella Diet months in advance before running to spend a whole weekend hooking up and partying till their earbuds burst.

It is the place where naked wizards get tased, and as Marlow Stern so kindly put it on the Dailey Beast, where douchebags and trust fund babies lurk.

What better place for a story? Who has been to Coachella?



Wen Zhang’s infidelity may destroy a relationship and make a good book

Wen Zhang with wife Ma Yili
Wen Zhang with wife Ma Yili

So I’m a bit late, but after reading this news, I couldn’t help thinking how everyone just loves a good romance scandal. So it’s no surprise China sets a record for most tweeted issue when the Chinese actor Wen Zhang made an apology to his wife amidst rumors of infidelity.

According to Louise Watt, “his post had been forwarded more than 1.2 million times and . . . the topic trended above the missing Malaysian plane and a protest against a petrochemical plant in Maoming that turned violent”

Now I don’t want to paint a false picture that the Chinese care about celebrity gossip more than political issues. We all know China regulates what and how much political news is accessible to the Chinese public, which may have affected the interest shown on Twitter. Still, my nose smells the foundation of a romance novel.

Just imagine a main character’s love affair is uncovered by monstrous fans who want him to get back with his wife or else start a massive boycott. Forced to maintain an image, he hits to the web. With the internet becoming so important in our lifestyles, we have to make it a part of our novels.

Thunder from down under male strippers stop a robbery


Thunder from Down Under

Anybody considering writing a comedy will find the story of a thief robbing Las Vegas male strippers pure gold.

The first thought in my head is, who in the world would choose to rob male strippers? Then I’m thinking many are in tough economic situations, and thieves have to be creative with bank robbing being so cliché and all.

Who knows, maybe the thief was desperate with nowhere to turn.

Whatever the reason, writers can easily come up with a backstory and flesh out the novel. However writers choose to end their stories, the real story ends with the suspect suffering from a black eye and being booked as ‘John Doe’ in the Clark County jail, according to the Daily Mail Reporter of Male Strippers Tackle Gunman to the Ground After Finding Him Rifling Through Their Costumes Backstage.

Malaysian Airline Flight 370 disappears and writers go crazy

Whose imagination is not going crazy after hearing about the disappearance of Malaysian airline Flight 370?

Malaysian officials have to be. ABC states Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 mystery deepens; officials don’t know which way it was flying. As the story headline reads, officials are not only clueless, but have no idea where to start the search. This has to be the start of the next Zombie Apocalypse. Those who have not been watching The Walking Dead need to get caught up, so they will be prepared for the end of the world.

In the meantime,  story ideas are flooding my mind. I am seeing a crazy end time novel. Who else is with me on this? What kinds of ideas are coming to your mind?

A Solution to Writer’s Block: Russia Invade Crimea?

Let’s talk about the Russia and Ukraine ordeal.

For those who don’t know, the US is a little upset with Russia sending armed forces into Crimea. In retaliation many officials are trying to persuade those in power to increase US exports of natural gas, accelerating plans across Europe to buy more energy from countries other than Russia, according to Ian Talley and Amy Harder at The Wall Street Journal.  Even if one doesn’t know the minute-by-minute play of how this all unfolded, writers know conflict like this is a goldmine.

Just imagine the CEO of a natural gas company, overlooking the whole situation and wanting to do everything he can to make sure this kind of strategic plan to cut Russia out goes through.

Though many see this as ineffective, others are saying it might send out a strong message to Russia because much of its revenue comes from energy exports, according to Talley and Harder.  So that automatically develops an antagonist, the person who wants to make sure Russia comes out the winner.

I am thinking assassins, espionage—it’s fiction. With some good research and a strong outline, heck vampires could be thrown into the mix.

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