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Interesting crime news to inspire writers to write.

Banks target porn stars, and we have a bestseller


The banks want justice in America, like everyone else, and they are taking it out on porn stars.

Chase has shut down several porn stars’ accounts, and the Department of Justice has been accused of being behind it, according to The Daily Beast article The Banks’ ‘War’ on Porn.

With stories talking about Blacks, Asians, and gays being discriminated against, why not one about porn stars?

Anyone interested in writing an erotica could add another dimension to the story by addressing the impacts of morality and discrimination.

Such a relatable story is a bestseller right there.

A co-worker of mine who came back from Amsterdam thought it would be fun to post Facebook photos of prostitutes she had taken without the prostitutes permission. When one of her Facebook friends reported her, she was a little miffed.

My co-worker thought it was harmless, it was joked about by my other co-workers, and soon forgotten, but it got me thinking, are porn stars seen as human?

Many of the porn stars are innocent, using the bank accounts only for personal reasons instead of porn-related business. Like Teagan Presley who used her account to pay for things like “rent, food, clothes, gymnastics” for her kids, wrote the Daily Beast. Others are like David Lord “who was arrested in 2008 in connection with an attempt at “tricking Hungarian women to come to the United States and work as prostitutes . . .” according to a report by the Los Angeles Times,” wrote The Daily Beast.

But what if your character is a Teagan Presley just trying to live as porn star and stumbles upon love? After readers get over the ridiculousness of such a concept, maybe then they are surprised by the impact the story had on them.


Thunder from down under male strippers stop a robbery


Thunder from Down Under

Anybody considering writing a comedy will find the story of a thief robbing Las Vegas male strippers pure gold.

The first thought in my head is, who in the world would choose to rob male strippers? Then I’m thinking many are in tough economic situations, and thieves have to be creative with bank robbing being so cliché and all.

Who knows, maybe the thief was desperate with nowhere to turn.

Whatever the reason, writers can easily come up with a backstory and flesh out the novel. However writers choose to end their stories, the real story ends with the suspect suffering from a black eye and being booked as ‘John Doe’ in the Clark County jail, according to the Daily Mail Reporter of Male Strippers Tackle Gunman to the Ground After Finding Him Rifling Through Their Costumes Backstage.