Writer’s Block Database of creative writing prompts

Writer's block kills
Writer’s block kills
So I have this awesome idea for curing writers block, create a database filled with creative writing ideas.  But first, can I be super honest? I don’t really suffer from writer’s block, but hey, I’m not normal. Yet with that aside, I understand many can get some help from writing prompts.

Why do I not struggle with writer’s block? Sometimes I focus on an abstract concept such as lost love. And I’ll ask myself, how can I show this beautiful idea? From that question grows a story.  I often look to the world for creative writing ideas. The newspaper can become a bible of creative writing prompts, and I’ll piece together from my past and others’ to help me show whatever beautiful idea I want to show.

Let your imagination roam!
Imagination brings out the best.

Okay, great advice and cute quote from Eistein, but that is a lot of time and research.

Take advantage of free content.
Take advantage of free content.
Well that is why I am going to encourage you by gathering the latest news and storing it all here.
Take advantage of free  creative writing prompts.

So connect with me, laugh with me, comment. Together we will create great stories.

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