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Black History Month: Kathleen Cleaver defends the right to self-defend

Kathleen Cleaver

Walking the walk, and talking the talk.

Can we please talk about the monumental and political Kathleen Cleaver? Known for her political involvement with the Black Panther Party,  she became first woman to hold a decision-making position whn she was elected the communications secretary. This put her in power to organize efforts to  free the BPP’s co-founder, Huey Newton. Newton did a lot of things for the black community, but one thing that stuck with me was he made it possible for students today to take Black History courses, playing a significant role in getting the first African-American History course added to academic catalogues.

For those who know little about the BPP, Curtis Stephen wrote in Life of a Party, the BPP is “an African-American left-wing organization working for the right of self-defense for African-Americans in the United States. The Party achieved national and international impact and renown through their deep involvement in the Black Power movement and in politics of the 1960s and 1970s.”

Interviewed on PBS’ Frontline, Cleaver said what drew her to the party was, “the Black Panther Movement challenged all preconceived notions of blacks not being able to determine their own destiny.”

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