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Denise Turney: How to land author interviews and increase sales

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Thanks to online radio directories and organizations like Blog Talk Radio, Shout Cast, Radio Tower, National Public Radio and Streema, locating a talk radio program that fits your book’s subject matter is relatively easy.  Before you reach out to radio hosts and station owners to schedule radio interviews visit and listen to the radio station you’re interested in landing one or more interviews with.  Many online radio stations have a Search box at the top of their homepage.  Type the genre of your book in the search box and examine what comes up.  You can also see if the online radio station has a drop down box that list radio programs by subject (i.e. self-help, business, sports, home improvement).  If the station doesn’t host programs that complement your book’s subject matter, move on. Interviewing on this station may not yield you many, if any, book sales.

Book Authors Landing Talk Radio Interviews

When it comes to scheduling offline radio stations, can contact the station director, a disc jockey or talk show hosts you want to interview on the station with. Write a cover letter to the radio station director, DJ or talk show host, being certain to list specific benefits listeners will gain from learning more about the book.

Include a brief (about one page) bio with a professional photo head shot, synopsis of your book and a list of other works your have published (e.g. poems, short stories) with the cover letter. Address the letter to the station director, disc jockey or talk show host by name. This shows that you have done your homework and are not simply sending interview requests to as many radio stations as you can.

Writer Resiliency and Success

For online radio stations send a professional email instead of a printed cover letter. Your cover letter, publishing credentials and book synopsis can help station directors, disc jockeys and talk show hosts to determine whether the book is a fit for their audience.  As a tip, if you create a spreadsheet that lists the radio stations you have contacted, you can easily follow up with a radio station regarding your initial interview request.

Stay encouraged throughout the radio interview scheduling process.  With effort, consistency and resilience you can and will land interviews.  In time, you might even have radio and television station hosts contacting you to request that you appear on air for an interview.

In addition to conducting interviews on other radio stations, as a book author you can access companies like Blog Talk Radio, National Public Radio and Voice of America to create and host your own radio program.  For example, the author of a home improvement book could create their own “Home Designs in Less Than an Hour” radio show.  The author of a recipe book could host a “Three Delicious Meals a Day” talk radio show. Current literary radio shows hosted by authors include Off The Shelf radio (http://www.blogtalkradio.com/denise-turney-) and Artist First (http://www.artistfirst.com).

Writing and publishing a book can be an incredibly rewarding experience.  With solid business skills, marketing efforts and grace, as a professional author, you can reach your target audience and increase your book sales.  Radio interviews are effective tools to use to accomplish this. Furthermore, as a business savvy writer you can also make good friends with book readers and other book authors as you continue to give and accept support to and from others.

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