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Alicia Brewster’s Don’t Call Me Angel 3 out of 5

For all manga and comic book lovers, you will enjoy the beautiful images and the quirky style of writing Don’t Call Me Angel by Alicia Brewster provides.

A story which puts a lens on two fallen angels’ friendship after they escape from Hell, the main character Six quickly learns who her true friends are as the story progresses.

I thought Brewster did a very good job creating strong, likeable characters in the story. Even though Six and Alden’s friendship evolves as the story progresses, I was rooting for the two fallen angels to have a happy ending the whole time. They were both so engaging. Not only this, but it was also nice  to flip a page every once in a while and find a nice surprise for the eyes. I found myself flipping back through the story to look at all the pictures.

Even though I ended up liking the story, it still left me wanting.

Because I did not get a good enough reason for Six and Alden escaping from Hell early on, I wanted to know why should I care? I was searching for the heart. This I found more than halfway through the read. This story became more about learning how to tell your true enemies from your friends. After such a discovery, I wanted a stronger, more intense friendship between Alden and Six.

Once I got to the end, I wanted the information provided in the end to have been provided in the beginning. Everything finally made sense after reading the end. The very last scene was so spectacular, creating the intense rush I have gotten when reading some of my favorite books. After reading it, I looked up to the ceiling and said, “It ends now?”

All in all this was a very good read from an indie writer. Go, Miss. Brewster. You are well on your way to defining a generation.