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10 reasons why your mother should never write your love scenes

Maybe you are the E.L. James, the Selena Blake, or the Zane even of love scenes. Having an ample amount of research opportunities and life experiences, you never once struggle to finish your romance novel. Knowing even a simple kiss scene could lead to writer’s block, I would hate to be the writer who wrote, “and they leaned forward . . .” before moving to the next scene.

Some people may get desperate, but before calling up your parents for advice, I must give you 10 reasons why you should never have your mother write your love scenes.

  1. It’s embarrassing.
  2. She’ll feel she can disclose her sexual endeavors to prove why a certain scene should go this way.
  3. You’ll never want to read your novel again.
  4. Can you afford to pay her royalties?
  5. She might want to make it a career.
  6. Some things a woman must learn to do on her own.
  7. She’ll want to be mentioned in the acknowledgement.
  8. CNN might get the story wrong (Author had sex with mother to write sex scene).
  9. Your boyfriend might think her sex scenes are better than yours.
  10. It might make dinner conversation.

Those are just a few reasons I could think of. What else am I missing from the list?