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Maryann Reid: Faking It Till You Make It To A Publishing Contract

Maryann Reid believes, you should never write a book before you sell it.

This philosophy she teaches in her 4 week boot camp, Sell It Before You Write It.

This workshop begins June 6 and runs through June 27.

Reid has applied the same techniques she teaches in her boot camp to her life, allowing her to put her own spin on the term go getter.

Beginning her publishing career at age 25, she is the author of several successful novels: Mrs. Big, Marry Your Baby Daddy, Use me Or Lose me, and more.

A  professional speaker and publishing consultant, she has been seen on CNN, Oprah, Wendy Williams, and NBC.

She is more than an author, she is an entrepreneur.

That is essentially what an author, whether traditionally published or self published,  becomes as they head down the path to becoming full time writers.

There are those who believe in hard work, and then there are those who believe in working smart.

After researching and taking in all that Reid has accomplished, Reid seems to be of the latter.

Wanting to recruit others into the “working smart” club, Reid teaches how to “create influence and “pull” in the marketplace to draw publishers and agents.”

I am so excited Reid has agreed to be featured on my blog in the month of June.

To feature such a power house is an honor.

In the meantime, I invite all who are serious about learning what it takes to become a powerhouse in the publishing industry to check out Reid’s boot camp, Sell It Before You Write It.

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