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Jocelyn Adams: The Glass Man

When a book trailer gives you chills, you know you have stumbled upon a read with great potential.

Jocelyn Adams has penned The Glass Man, her very first published novel.

Published by J. Taylor Publishing, an independent publisher with with a broad reach, it was released October 15, 2011.

The Glass Man tells the story of Lila Gray, a woman with telepathic abilities who soon becomes entangled in a dark romance with the beautiful creature that hunts her.

Hunted by The Glass Man, “a supernatural weapon prepared to annihilate the humans he loathes,” as is described on the website, Lila must face a secret birthright and a forbidden romance.

The book summary reads so intensely, one has to wonder where such a deep and intricate story idea came from.

“It came from a dream of a man with ice blue eyes,” Adams wrote in an interview.  

A 12-page sample of this story can be read on Adams website.

As I was reading the sample, I noticed that one of Adams strengths is her dialogue.

Her characters actually sound like real people, an achievement many writers struggle with.

Having success with The Glass Man, a book that has received great reviews on Goodreads, she is ready for more.

Adams said, her next big release, Crossing Hathaway, has just been accepted for publication with Liquid Silver Books for August 6, 2012.

When asked about Crossing Hathaway, Adams admitted that this book was not her typical genre to write.

“Crossing Hathaway is steeped with humor, and is about an I.T. girl, Evangeline Ross, who’s sworn off men,” Adams wrote. “She comes up against the big cheese of her company, Ben Hathaway, who is reclusive, charming and gorgeous, and doesn’t usually allow women into his office.  Let the sparks of sexual tension fly!”

If anyone is thinking Fifty Shades Of Grey, we are of one mind.

I love when I am able to finish a series by one author, find books that are similar by other authors, and continue my little fantasy.

I look forward to featuring this newly published author on my website on May 5.

Come by then to read about this author’s journey.

In the meantime connect with the author and check out her sample of The Glass Man on her website.


Rebecca Hamilton: Penning perfection

It may seem like completing a well-edited novel takes forever and a day.

Rebecca Hamilton, author of The Forever Girl, must have had the same feelings as she wrote and rewrote her novel until she felt it was perfect.

The Forever Girl, a paranormal romance, is about a young woman who opens the door of dark magic when she casts a spell that goes wrong, allowing for a centuries-old shape-shifter to storm into her love life.

Hamilton said in an interview that completing such a story took her four years.

Understanding that first impressions can quickly become the scarlet letter of a writer’s career, she worked patiently and methodically.

A mother of three children, one with autism and another with pervasive development disorder, it can seem Hamilton was used to life’s challenges.

Tackling the challenge of writing would just be one more thing, and she had writing calling for mercy.

Her hard work has earned her several positive reviews and a huge online following.

On Goodreads Hamilton’s novel is rated 4.4 with 224 ratings, while on Amazon the novel is rated 5 stars with 263 people rating it.

Her publisher, Immortal Ink Publishing, states she has sold 2600 copies as of February and March of 2012.

Connect with Hamilton through social media and one will notice her Twitter has over 40,000 followers and her Facebook has 700 likes.

When asked how she gained such a huge following, truthfully so I could share her secrets, she simply replied, I just try to be fun and follow people with similar interests and hope we connect.

Yet it seems so easy to connect with people and garner interest when one has a product that they have invested fully in.

People love the novel Hamilton took the time to perfect.

When it comes to design, Hamilton will not stand for less.

Visit Hamilton’s website to check out the stunning design.

Connect with Rebecca Hamilton:

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Emily Guido: Writing 100,000 words in a week

Emily Guido is the successful self-published author of Charmeine, a paranormal romance about two individuals whose love defies the laws of good and evil.

The novel was released Jan. 2012 and tells the story of Tabbruis, a blood-hunter who refuses to accept love cannot overcome fate when he falls for the Queen of all Light-Bearers, Charmeine.

The idea to tell of such a passionate love between people who not only are so different, but come from such different worlds plagued Miss. Guido’s mind until she was fueled to complete 100,000 words in a week.

And yet her passion did not die there.

She was encouraged to write a second novel in the Light-Bearer Series, Ransom, which will be released May 2012, as written on her website emilyguido.com.

The word Ransom is given a whole new meaning in this novel, which continues the passionate adventure Tabbruis and Charmeine are taken upon when they fall in love.

Miss. Guido has come a long way from just imagining her characters in her head, and this journey she intends to share.

Check back to read about what Miss. Guido has to say on editing and success this Saturday, Apr. 11.

In the meantime, please connect with the author on her website: Emilyguido.com.

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