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Nominated for awards: Sharing love by sharing self-publishing tips and resources

Emily Guido, author of The Light-Bearer Series, has kindly nominated me for the Versatile Blogger and the Kreativ Blogger awards.

Being nominated means you have to follow certain rules such as: revealing seven interesting details about yourself, nominating others, displaying the awards, and recommending other blogs.

Being that I have not been blogging for very long, it was hard for me to nominate others. I will be updating the nominations till I have seven.

That said, I focused on creating a list of 27 resources for self-publishers  that include information about aggregators, options for blog tours, and examples of  great blogs.

Being nominated makes my heart flutter. Not only that, but Guido has graciously connected me with Simon Food Favourites, a food blog that is ranked number two by Urbanspoon.

Filled with gorgeous images of delicious selections, Simon also has an article posted on the history of the Kreativ Blogger award.

If you want to read about the Kreativ Blogger award or find exotic dishes to spice up yours and your characters’ love life, then check out Simon Food Favourites.

The Versatile Blogger asks me to list 15 websites and the Kreative Blogger award asks for 7 blogs. Combining the requirements allowed me to create a nice URL list that I hope you will find very useful.

Here are 7 things I know you do not know about me:

1. I am a theatre lover and performer

2. I love poetry:

Snippet of a poem I wrote in college.


Among things that irked, my husband wanted me to wear the burqa, the niqab.

A modern, white chef in sultry Miami, who would have known?

He beat me until my bones were globs

Of soy milk—not full, because we were vegetarians. Read more.

3. I should probably seek therapy for my Sunkist addiction.

4. I absolutely love, love, love diversity, so every book I write has characters from all walks of life interacting with each other.

5. I act out loud concepts for novels in front of my mirror.

6. Sushi, sushi, sushi – love me some Asian cuisine.

7. I drink water.

Nominated blogs

  • Roxie Hanna – I wrote a wonderful article on the fun loving spirit of Roxie. Her blog is filled with must-know news and great “no-fee” writing opportunities.
  • Vanessa Wu – I am not a fan of Erotica even though I am considering reading Fifty Shades Of Gray. Vanessa Wu’s interesting reviews piques my interest. Not to mention her headlines are always so vogue.
  • DA Fletcher – Though a new blogger, it is interesting how this author ties in the main character of her novel to every blog post.
  • Vickie King – She is an established author who gives an endearing look into her life as a writer.
  • Lady Romp – This blog is a must, filled with inspiring stories of strong women.
  • Miranda Baker – Her article Where Is The Sexy? won me over.

Great Blogs

  1. Publishing Basics – Great resource on Self-Publishing
  2. Angelina Kace – love the menu titles
  3. Paranormal Romance Blog (Harlequin)
  4. Bare-Foot Executive – Though not a paranormal, UF, or romance blog, I thought the  color scheme and clean design of this blog warranted being put on the list
  5. Mary Ann Reid and Alphanista – love the professional and clean appeal of this author’s website and blog


  1. Great resource on ISBN with comparison chart on aggregators, even though some of the information on aggregators is outdated.
  2. 12 Sites For Ebook publishing
  3. Check out David Carnoy’s article on Aggregators on CNET

Blog Tour Options

  1. Smart Bitches, Trashy Books – This is one of my favorite blog designs.
  2. The Bookish Brunette  – If you like edgy banner design, this brunette can handle it.
  3. Book Soulmates
  4. Parajunkee.com
  5. Lola James
  6. Myreadingpile.com
  7. Cupcake and a Latte
  8. Creative Deeds Reads
  9. All Thing Urban Fantasy
  10. Confessions of a Bookaholic
  11. Redheads Review It Better – for the steamier side of urban fantasy and romance
  12. The Book Vixen
  13. Obsession With Books
  14. Bewitching Book Tours
  15. Romance Book Craze
  16. The Bookshelf Chronicles
  17. TE Garden Of Books
  18. Fiction Vixen
  19. Dear Author
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Blogger Roxie Hanna: Carving out your niche

Some blogs are purely informative, some pure fun.

Roxie Hanna’s versatile blog just happens to be both.

Hanna began the blog with the intent of creating a resource for “no-fee” writing opportunities.

Now it has grown to be a great tool for education and inspiration.

Hanna provides writers with industry news and inspires them by featuring successful authors.

Bothered by writer’s block or stress? No problem. Hanna’s Sunday Funnies will help you unwind.

Become enveloped in the warm voice of Roxie Hanna as she discusses below the journey and growth of her blog.

Straight From The Blogger’s Mouth

Hey Law, thanks for inviting me to your fabulous blog! Let me introduce myself to your readers: I am a freelance writer and editor, specializing in ghostwriting projects. My focus is on my ‘day job’, which like many of you, keeps me extremely busy.

Three years ago, when I began my blog, I thought I would cut down on freelancing work and dive into submitting my stack of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, and children’s pieces I’ve written over the years. I adamantly stated I wouldn’t take on any new clients…well those words have been pretty tasty, but they do travel to the bank and that’s important.

Now I submit my work, freelance, and somehow juggle it all, letting a ball slip to the ground but never dropping them all, yet. I serve as judge on short story and poetry contests, contribute to various magazines, sit (stand mostly) as poet-in-residence at a two-year college, and edit students’ book reviews. Occasionally I teach at workshops and conference sessions, and do anything I can to support First Book and The Cheerios New Author Contest.

Can you tell me about your blog and the objective you hope to achieve?

Oh, good question! When I began Roxie’s Blog I wondered what I could add, how would I be different, unique and helpful to the blogosphere. I saw many people already weighing in on their writing expertise. I considered an alternative angle, topics people might be surfing for based on my own searches. I noticed a void in a bulletin board-type space for writers to become aware of avenues where they may submit work without entry or reading fees.  I began listing these no-fee venues for writers, poets, and visual artists. Then I expanded to spotlighting writers, illustrators, visual artists, and song writers, offering tidbits of knowledge from my experience, as well as information about the market place.

This year, I began a Top Twos-day column, posting the most interesting items to cross my desk in a week. My blog is still evolving, and in the fall my plan is to add a weekly column series. Upcoming topics will focus on editing, agents, publishing, ghostwriting, critique groups, and professional associations plus touch on the basics to cutting-edge ideas and technologies.

How did you get your blog started and how long did it take before you saw results?

Way back in 2009, hehehe, I kept seeing advice from agents and publishers for writers to ‘have a platform’. I searched online and asked people, not necessarily writers, how they established an online presence. Most often I heard Twitter was the ‘it’ venue and WordPress offered the most adaptability for styling a blog. I jumped in with both feet. Now I’m thrilled to say I have a presence on Twitter, Goodreads, and StumbleUpon as roxiewriter, on Pinterest as theroxiewriter, on Facebook as Roxie Hanna, and at NetworkedBlogs. I love company, come hang out with me and we’ll enjoy this networking journey together!

To the second part of the question: I’m not sure what results I was looking for, I was thrilled if someone read my blog! I watched my stats like a hawk and soon found out this was like waiting for water to boil!  I decided I couldn’t make my stats go up any more than I could cause the stock market to increase on any given day. That led me to recall why I began the blog. With my perspective in focus I concentrated on creating the best one I could, and the results have paid off fairly well. Slow and steady like the tortoise and the hare race…I’m not in it to win a popularity contest. But I do enjoy readers’ responses and get a thrill when people push my ‘like’ button, 🙂

What are some tips?

First, be yourself…it’s a crowded world out here, if you can carve your own niche, you’ll be able to sustain the initial momentum. Visit blogs, become a regular commenter following favorite sites, taking note of features striking your ‘like’ button. No one blogger has a formula, nor is there a map to plot out the best way to produce a successful blog. It’s a combo thing.

Also, I believe you should move out of your comfort zone. Innovative expanses may be awkward and scary, but keep your eyes focused on the end goal, why you want to blog in the first place. Learn all you can about your craft, practice to gain confidence and then polish your work so your best becomes your standard.

IMHO it’s extremely important to surround yourself with positive people. You’ll hear enough negative voices in your own head, doubting your abilities, keeping you from moving forward. You can borrow the first rule comedians use, the answer is always ‘yes’ when doing an improv skit, which would allow you to go with the flow and never stress about whatever direction you’re heading.
If you could share a bit of wisdom with aspiring authors who desire to create a successful blog, what would it be?

I guess the best advice I have to offer is to build a blog you’d like to read. And then play around with it, never letting it become stagnant. Try enhancing your style. Find your strengths, play to them, and enjoy communicating with your readers. Have fun. Everyone says it, but are they, really?

Stretch yourself: did you write an historical fiction? You might consider writing posts about various topics that are side shoots from your work. If you did the research for your book, you’ve already done the homework for an interesting article.

Supplement your book: is your genre chick lit or romance? Pick one of the minor characters and explore what she will do in a variety of settings. Play the what-if game with her personality and see where it takes you.

Readers love connecting with authors on another level. Use your posts to share how you developed the book, series, characters, setting, etc. Give them juicy details and don’t forget to add the material you decided to leave out. All the hard work writing a scene and then you cut it…tell them!

Add, add, add to streamline your time. Link up your accounts, if possible, and make a schedule you’ll stick to. If you honor your own deadlines, you become a better writer. This builds confidence. You’ll realize you can tackle a 1500 word piece with just as much ease as a 50 word summary.

Don’t forget to subtract, too. Purge those time-stealers, stuff you keep putting off because it’s like writing those thank you cards after your birthday. Or just do them. Either way, be aware of how much time you’re spending on your blog; you don’t want to be so wrapped up in your platform you forget to create your product!

Connect with Roxie Hanna:

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Blogger Roxie Hanna: Building a following

Roxie Hanna’s blog is a pit stop for “no fee” writing opportunities, quirky tidbits and writers’ resources.

On Sunday, May 6, Roxie will reveal her vision, journey, and blogging tips to building a following.

When scanning the homepage of Roxie’s blog, Sunday Funnies will welcome you into the warm atmosphere of Roxie.

Once you have your “funny bone” tickled, you will not want to leave.

Soon you will be scanning through the motivating author spotlights and reading up on industry news as if it is the one thing keeping the lights on at home and your family at the dinner table.

The blog began way back in 2009, Roxie Hanna told me in an interview.

“I watched my stats like a hawk and soon found out this was like waiting for water to boil!” Hanna said.

Learning she had to take a step back and reexamine why she began the blog in the first place, it led her to creating the best blog she could.

“I’m not in it to win a popularity race,” Hanna said.

Her new philosophy has paid off.

Seeing that blogging is one of the tools authors use to get their work out there, I wanted to provide some useful links on blogging.

Visit Hanna’s blog as well, for her website is a great example on how blogs can be structured.

Also do not forget to check back for her interview this Friday, May 4, and connect with Hanna via her:

Useful links

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