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Brenda Jackson: James Patterson’s fraternal twin with darker skin

Harlequin Art Exhibit, NYC, 5/29/09 - 136 of 145
Harlequin Art Exhibit, NYC, 5/29/09 - 136 of 145 (Photo credit: rtbookreviews)

My mom once told me that Brenda Jackson was referred to as the African American female James Patterson because the best selling novelist spat out more novels than a laser printer.

Read her biography, and it’ll have you wondering if the woman ever leaves her computer.

As stated on her website, she has written more than 90 novels and novellas, and has 3 million books in print.

Most of her writing career was accomplished in the wee hours of the morning just before she headed off to her 9-to-5.

Just read this Florida Times Union article that says she completed 50 of her novels while working at State Farm Insurance.

Sort of makes me feel bad when I come home from my new job only to vegetate on the couch. Not to mention in my spare time I do a lot of theatre.

Although I want to get like Jackson, sleep is so important to me, I sort of live to sleep another day.

Yet if I were to follow the advice of all the authors who have presented in the Romance Writers of America and Sisters In Crime workshops, I would find a nice schedule to write, update blogs, twitter, and all the lovely business of writing.

This most likely means my blogging will have to become confined to Friday, Saturday, and Sundays.

Good news is I will soon feature advice from authors such as Emily Guido and Devan Sipher. I am in the process of recruiting more writers and bloggers who wish to share their love of writing and success with you.

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Brittany Geragotelis: Writing her own success

Below Geragotelis gives us a glimpse into what it took for her to write her own success. Uncertain why that is so awesome? Check out: Turning no’s into green yes’. Though it is just a snap shot, connect with her on social media. The links are provided below. If you are a self-published author looking to be published with a big six, you will be motivated to follow down her path.

Brittany Geragotelis is the successful author of: What the Spell?, being released in three e-installmentsĀ  in October before finally being released in hardback January 1, 2013; Life’s a Witch will be released mid-next year just before the sequel being released January 1, 2014.

It will be an exciting New Year’s Day in 2013 and 2014 for everyone. Mark your calenders.

Straight from the author’s mouth: Writing her own success

When is the release date for your novel Life’s A Witch? We’re publishing the prequel/spin-off called What the Spell? in 3 e-installments starting in October, and then in hardback and the full e-book on January 1, 2013! Life’s a Witch will be published mid-next year, and then the sequel will be published January 1, 2014.

Why did you choose to write this book? How long did it take you to write it? When I was considering publishing something on Wattpad, I took a look at what kids seemed to be reading on the website. It turned out to be a lot of Paranormal Romance, so I thought about what I might want to write. I think a lot of people are intrigued by the Salem Witch Trials and I started thinking about what it would have been like if those accused really were witches. And what if the accusers were from the same coven? The story just formed from there!

As for a timeline, when I was writing Life’s a Witch, I had a day job (I was an editor at a magazine), and so I was writing for an hour every night (between 11PM and 1AM). So, with this limited time to write, it took me about 6 months. However, I only had 6 weeks to write the prequel, What the Spell?, which I just turned into my editor last week!

Any editing tips? Don’t edit as you go. If you start nit-picking while you’re writing, you’ll never get the book written. When you’re done give yourself some time away from the book. A week, two, sometimes I like to take a month off. It’ll let you be more clear-headed when it comes time to edit it. Then, have an editor look it over. Not only will they catch all the spelling and grammar errors you’ve made, but if you’re like me, they’ll find all of the inconsistencies we can get while writing.

If you could share one tip you learned with self-publishers who share the same dream, what would it be? Don’t ever let someone break your dream. I went through 10 years of rejection. I had some close calls, but a bunch of set-backs, to the point where I almost gave up on writing completely. Luckily I didn’t, because look what happened! Be willing to look at things differently. I used to think that getting published had to look a certain way–get an agent, get a publisher, become a famous author–but as soon as I opened my mind to the idea that there may be other ways of achieving success, things just started to happen. And lastly…say yes to opportunities that come your way. I was wary of putting my stuff for free on Wattpad, but ultimately I said yes to what they were offering. It’s because of this, I got 18 million reads of my book, which ultimately led to me getting my book deal.

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